Learn Coding in Scratch with a Cool Game Idea

Aasif A few years ago, the creation of programs and applications was aimed at only a few people with specialized knowledge. Lately, though, programming for beginners has been possible, thanks to software that has been developed, such as Scratch. In this article, you will see how to create your own game in an easy and fun way. Why start Scratch Coding? The rate at which jobs in the IT sector are growing is almost twice as high as in other industries, and this is only an indication of work in future new technologies. Researchers estimate that “the digital economy is worth $11.5 trillion globally, equivalent to 15.5 percent of global GDP and has grown two and a half times faster than global GDP over the past 15 years.” In a few years, programming knowledge will be fully integrated into educational programs for every age. Using coding concepts, it’s possible to design projects that utilize very similar guidelines and rubrics for a digital project, thereby giving students the opportunity to learn about their topic and sharpen their coding skills at the same time. Future human resources, generations Y and Z, will have at their core the digital skills needed to program.

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